NEO80 Pop-up Brings a Taste of 80s fashion Back to Life

My two cents:

Art is an instinct that I believe is best left undefined. The most influential art comes from the heart and soul. It has no boundaries and needs no explanation. It simply provokes feelings acting as a diving board into the muddy waters of human emotion. I consider any form of creativity to be art, but you can’t ignore the compelling visual art that exists in a city like Los Angeles, which deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

Art and artists are woven into the fabric of the city. From communities like Venice to Culver City, Koreatown, the Downtown Arts District and North Hollywood, art has always had a strong presence in this city. Then there’s the street art that might catch your eye as you’re passing by a freeway underpass, traveling through Boyle Heights, or happen to be stopped at a red light next to a public utilities box in Hollywood.  I’m constantly snapping photos of the art that catches my eye as I travel around this city and I’ll do my best to share the most intriguing sights here. Stop by and take a peek from time to time.