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Live Music Weekend Recap

Meditation Through Live Music in Barcelona and Stockholm

My two cents:

My dad would say that the first drum beat is the human heart. I think often you can feel music before you really hear it. Good music transcends human constructs of time and decency and speaks directly to your soul. As it’s often said, music is a true universal language. I’ve been to countless shows since I was a kid and the feeling while watching a live show never gets old. Some of my earliest memories are of Jazz concerts at the Wadsworth Theater in Westwood and Venice’s (German owned and Vegan influenced) Comeback Inn with my family in the ’80s on what was then West Washington Blvd., before the street was renamed for Venice’s founder, Abbot Kinney.

When I was 8 years old my dad took us to see Miles Davis at the Hollywood Bowl. That show would become his last public performance before he passed away later that year. I was too young to realize the legacy in front of me until years later, but from that moment I was mesmerized by the magic of an outdoor show. There’s something about sitting under the stars on a warm, summer night in LA tucked into a hillside between Hollywood and the 101 freeway. It somehow brings out the pure nature of LA amidst the chaos of such a colorful city. Luckily, you can find live music pretty much any night of the week. Follow me as I check out shows at intriguing venues. I’ll take you to places you never knew existed and uncover some pleasant sounds to share.