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The Last Bookstore of Los Angeles: Did Video also Kill the Bookstore and the Record Store?

Southern California in Bloom

The Great Race Place

Japanese Garden: Suiho-En (“Garden of Water and Fragrance”)

It’s all Greek to me – Happy Birthday to one of LA’s Iconic Venues

Oh, hi Ojai. Nice to see you.

As seen on TV

My two cents:

Exploration and travel foster soul growth and understanding. I often think I lived many past lives all over the world. I’ve had an inexplicable hunger for travel since I can remember along with an obsession with all modes of transportation (planes, trains, boats, and automobiles). In my early childhood I dreamt of foreign deserts and beach towns that I never knew existed. Now in dreams, I often re-visist multiple countries and remind myself of the similar shapes and colors I’ve seen in the same towns, but with slightly different story endings each time.

My vivid dreams influence my waking moments, constantly reinvigorating my desire to keep exploring throughout my day to day life. From cross-country road trips with my parents since the time I was four years old to expeditions abroad, I always seek out adventures that allow me to explore the world, different cultures, the diverse beauty of nature and the drive within myself.  I recognize that traveling is a privilege and I think it’s important to share these experiences. Whether it’s down the street, across town, across the country, or across an ocean, the act of moving around, seeing different places, walking through nature, and meeting new people has an undeniable impact on your soul. I’ll attempt to share those soul-feeding moments as much as I can. Hope you can keep up!