Author: Farris•Reel

Tahirah Farris is a certified urban planner with a passion for music, people, culture, good food, travel, late night stories, and spontaneous adventure. She cultivated her editorial skills writing for the yearbook in high school and college, and then as a volunteer copy writer for Canyon News, a local newspaper covering 18 communities in Los Angeles.

Southern California in Bloom

Desert showers bring wildflowers…Did you know that the California Poppy became the state flower in 1903? Or that April 6th was California Poppy Day? It’s purpose is to encourage learning about native plants and conservation.

Live Music Weekend Recap

Check in for a quick rundown of two artists worth your while. It doesn’t get much better than a live show that at the very least sets your mind at ease and makes you forget about your cares for awhile, but also has the potential to remind you of your humanity and even take you on a journey of that humanity throughout the entirety of the show.

Oh, hi Ojai. Nice to see you.

What makes a small town memorable? Food, people, and environment might have something to do with it. There’s no recipe for culture, but a city’s choices in planning and development, including the businesses it supports, the aesthetics of new development, and the values it emphasizes certainly drive the collective community culture.