Southern California in Bloom

In many ways the Antelope Valley is indicative of the ecological diversity of LA County. Sitting at the northeastern edge of the County (and the western tip of the Mojave), the desert environment is rich with animal and plant life. This is evident from the iconic Joshua trees to the vibrant wildflower blooms, and in particular the California Poppies that spring up after much-needed rainy seasons. If you’re willing to brave the drive and spend some quality time basking in this beautiful nature, then your trip to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve will be worth it.

Here are some photos from my most recent visit.





The self-seeding California Poppy is delicate, yet resilient.

Things to keep in mind to help preserve our beautiful state flower:

1. Stay on designated paths. These flowers are self-seeding, but if you damage them, they cannot produce their seeds to regenerate.

2. Don’t pick them. You are not permitted to pick flowers on state land and could be fined for harming them.

3. Leave your dogs at home. They are not allowed at the Poppy Reserve as they pose a threat to the preservation of the flowers.

4. Don’t your let you kids run free. As tempting as it may be to let your little ones run wild or get that perfect picture of them frolicking in fields of flowers, they will inadvertently cause harm to them.

5. Hydrate and wear sunscreen. Bring plenty of water and prepare to walk.

6. Bring a sweater or light jacket that you can tie around your waste if you get hot. The winds pick up in the afternoon so it’s better to be prepared.


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